Versus, the App connecting soccer players.
Want to play soccer, but don't know where and whom ?
Now you know.
Get the
eye vision.
Be informed in realtime who plays where in your city.
Be at the
center of the game.
Versus knows when you enter an arena. You then meet any other players on the page of the arena.
the message.
Set up your games, tell about your exploits. All with the internal instant messaging of Versus.
Give it all,
share it all.
Photos, videos, dribbles, goals, tournaments. Buzz it all on Versus flow.
France and street soccer
+10 000 public fields
a tank of more than 2,5 million players
Versus is the result of unstopping ideas sharing, cultural mixes and a love of football

Street soccer is often the foundation of everything. When you play in a club, you also play for fun with your friends. When you reach a very good level in soccer you probably made your mark on the street. Why not appreciate this open soccer for its true value? Why will players from the same city, driven by the same passion, perhaps never talk to each other? Why will players from neighbouring districts probably never play together? It's time to connect soccer.

Our team is almost entirely composed of football players. This allowed us to make a simple observation: There are as many players playing in the street today as there are licensed players at the FFF. Despite this, there is currently no media to give a voice to this street soccer culture and no tool to facilitate the meeting of its enthusiasts. We have designed this application on a simple basis: We don't do anything without the players haven't decided : they have needs, we have solutions.